Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Welcome to Private Equity 2.0
Tech-Driven, Deal-by-Deal Investments

Our business model

We originate, filter, select, underwrite and manage exceptional Real Estate Investment deals, and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to co-invest with us in structured transactions.
Our business model

Origination & Quality Deal Flow

Exceptional deals sourced from the best developers.
We have the best in class deal flow, as our value proposition makes us the best partner for Real Estate developers, not a competitor.

Our business model

Due diligence

Once developers have been successfully vetted, we run an extended due diligence on every project: planning, legal, financial, technical , commercial and environmental.

Our business model


Once the deal is approved by our investment committee and the due diligence is successfully finalized, we underwrite the capital needs of the project and open it for co-investment.

Our business model

Deal by Deal

Our deal-by-deal model allows investors to cherry pick which deals to participate in.
Each deal is structured in their own independent SPV (independent legal vehicle/entity).

Our business model


Our disruptive technology improves transparency helping both investors and developers to access all the relevant information and analysis available for each project during the life of the project.

Our business model


Allowing investors to have access to unique turnkey investment opportunities by partnering with Welz and our selected Tier 1 developers in exit-oriented real estate projects.

Our business model

Governance & Control

Our investments are structured with ring-fenced SPVs under our control and strict governance rules, to monitor and protect the investor’s interests.

Our business model


Big Brother: From day 1 every project is continuously monitored until it is exited and money is returned to investors.
Welz counts with both internal and external independent monitoring teams looking after our projects.

Our business model


We pride to have the best execution team with the most reputable market professionals bringing over 400 years of combined experienced in finance and Real Estate Investments.
Alignment of interest: we co-invest with our developers and investors.

Our approach

We partner with best in class developers and cooperatives to co-invest in unique real estate investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis.


We finance up to 90% of the equity the project needs.


We invest through Equity or Bridge Loan instruments.

Type of assets

We finance land & buildings for Residential, office, hotel or mixed-use sectors.


Independent SPV per deal.

Ticket size

We underwrite €1m - €10m per deal.


6 -36 months average project length.


10-day decision making process.


Spain, Portugal, Israel & United Kingdom.

Why we are unique to investors

We originate, filter, select, underwrite and manage exceptional Real Estate Investment deals, and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to co-invest with us in structured transactions.

Origination, Analysis, Deal Selection and Due Diligence

We follow a rigorous, institutional screening and underwriting process. Every investment is examined from every angle.

Welz’ team review hundreds of investment opportunities from all across the country to find the very best. Every investment that we make goes through a rigorous Due Diligence process including but not limited to these five key areas:
Developer – Asset (Land or Building) – Project – Market – Business Plan/Economics

Why we are unique to investors

Transparency, Control & Monitoring

State of the art reporting and monitoring tools allow transparency and a precise control of milestones during every step of the project.

Welz protects the interests of our investors by structuring ring-fenced SPVs under our control and strict governance rules, and through control mechanisms in the form of penalties / incentives to the developer in the SPV and the power to impose decisions.

Active monitoring during the life of the projects.

Transparency, Contorl & Monitoring

Accessibility, Diversification & Flexibility

Exposure to the real estate market, benefiting from the diversification of a fund / REIT / SOCIMI, but with the transparency and control of investing in independent assets.

Investors can build their own portfolio as each opportunity is offered on a deal-by-deal basis.

Flexible investment products, according to different risk profiles:

Debt: Fixed income product asset-backed with 1st or 2nd charge on the property
  • Duration: 6-18 months
  • Target Return: 8-12% per year
Equity: Investment structure linked to the profit of the real estate development. Asset Backed
  • Duration: 12-36 months
  • Target Return: 15-20% per year

Risk Mitigation, Performance & Alignment of Interest

Our team structures, negotiates and executes all relevant agreements with the developers to mitigate the major risks associated with each project.

Public stocks underperform private investments.

Welz co-invests in every project.

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Why we are unique to developers

By partnering with WELZ, our developers can leverage their operational capacity by being involved in more projects, diversify their portfolio, and execute larger transactions compared to a stand-alone status.

1 Attractive Financing Options

We finance up to 90% of all costs before bank financing.
(Purchase of the land plot or building to refurbish plus related costs)

2 Flexibility

We offer a wide range of financing solutions to achieve the optimal mix between equity, preferred equity, senior debt and bridge-loans that best suits the project needs.

3 Reliability

We underwrite the financing commitment so the developer can be certain that a deal with us will be fully funded at the agreed time.

4 Speed

After performing initial developer Due Diligence, we can make an investment decision for new projects within 10 days.

5 Partnership

Our value proposition makes us the best partner for Real Estate developers looking for a long term relationship.

6 Alignment of Interest

The primary compensation of WELZ and our investors is via sharing the profit upside – aligning our interests with the developers.